We successfully source high quality candidates for positions ranging from the entry level through to executives and senior managers in all job sectors and industries. Our objective is to add value to our client's business by aligning their temporary and permanent recruitment needs with suitably qualified and experienced employees.

Infinico Solutions is able to solve your staffing requirements for:

Permanent Placements

Hiring the right talent for your organisation is critical. Research indicates poor hiring can significantly cost your organisation through lost productivity, training, and the negative impact to staff morale.

We'll work with you to understand your corporate strategy, objectives and workplace environment then analyse the key skills, knowledge and behaviours required for each available position within your organisation.

  • A consultant meets with your HR Department and your Management team to assess your specific recruiting requirements.
  • After sourcing and screening, we will send you a short-list of the best candidates.
  • Interviews are scheduled with the candidates and client.
  • Successful candidate is identified by client.
  • Offer Management and placement of candidate.
We offer a 3 month replacement guarantee.

Temporary Staff

Efficient organisations only employ enough permanent staff to meet their standard operational requirements. Organisational and/or seasonal needs may require temporary staff to fill short-term needs.

We provide temporary employment services throughout South Africa in all industries.

  • A consultant meets with you to get a thorough understanding of your unique requirements. When you need a vacancy filled, we draw on our large pool of temporary staff to find the talent you require.
  • Employees are fully assessed, screened and ready for work at a very short notice.
  • The Employee is employed on our payroll and outsourced to the client to complete a limited duration contract.
  • We administer the Payroll on the client’s behalf, the client signs off timesheets for hours worked.